The Challenge

Explorer Solutions’ mandate with the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) was twofold: perform lead generation activities to attract aviation and aerospace companies to establish operations at the airport business park (a 20.66-acre parcel of land with fully serviced lots) and prepare the business plan to support their future implantation. The challenge faced by Explorer Solutions resided in identifying investors and tenants for new proposed Air-Traffic Control Training Center and securing government funding to help with construction and implementation cost.

Our Role

Explorer Solutions was in charge of the whole lead generation pipeline from prospects identification to the leads qualification. Our teams called the target companies, presented them with the value proposition, organized site visits and secured their interest to move at the airport. Explorer Solutions prepared a business case for the construction of a facility where they can carry on their activities. This first building installment was designed to act as a catalytic effect on new jobs creation for the region and entice other companies to establish operations at the airport.

Our team developed and executed a multi-component marketing strategy to targeted businesses :

  • Put together a list of more than 500 companies active in aerospace and aviation, 250 companies located in Quebec, 150 companies located in Ontario and more than 200 companies across British Columbia and Alberta have been identified.
  • Helped design an appealing brochure to promote the Region’s location advantages and YKF
  • Contacted and spoke with 50 to 60 companies per month to identify and generate leads
  • Organized site visits with the most interested companies, and followed up with the companies that shared expansion or relocation projects.


Explorer Solutions generated more than fifteen (15) strong leads through the course of the mandate. Three (3) organizations have signed letter of intent confirming their interest to move operations in Waterloo into a new 20,000 sq. ft. building. Our team prepared the business case to support the construction of the new facility and is now assisting the airport with its funding application to the government.