We are among the leaders in consulting services and technical expertise in the drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles sector in North America. With 20+ years of experience in the aerospace and aviation sectors, a strong industry network, our team of experts can assist you in understanding the market, identifying operational requirements, training and integration of your activities into this fast-growing industry.

The use of drones and unmanned systems creates a new range of private and commercial business opportunities in delivering value-added services to private companies, law enforcement, universities, government departments and agencies and a host of others.

In this highly regulated sector, it is crucial to have a reliable and proficient partner.  Our range of services is tailored to meet the needs of organizations looking to understand and integrate the drone use into their business, as well as organizations already active in the drone market, but wanting to boost their operational efficiency.

Consulting Services
Operational requirements assessment, market analysis, business development, selection and coaching of drone purchasing/leasing, business plan/case, profitability and financial modeling, coaching and mentoring.

Introduction to drone and UAV capabilities, pilots and operators training.

Operations planning and flight missions, data collection and analysis, assistance with operational procedures and guidance/writing of Special Flight Operations Certificate “SFOC”s.

Installation and modification of onboard systems, testing and integration, maintenance, repair and overall of systems.

Our professional team continuously monitors emerging trends and maintains permanent business intelligence in the North American industry and international markets. Our network of contacts can make a difference and support the integration and growth of your business in the UAV market.