alma-droneThe Mandate

The Alma Airport Authority retained Explorer Solutions to define a comprehensive Airport Strategic Positioning and investment attraction campaign. The Airport was looking to make use of the airport lands and develop alternate sources of revenues. The airport caters mainly to general aviation aircraft with a small maintenance shop on site along with a helicopter operator.

Our Role

Explorer Solutions completed a comprehensive Airport Strategic Positioning with the identification of three (3) aerospace sub-sector niche markets. A market analysis was conducted for each niche. These sub-sector niches were chosen to match the airport infrastructure along with the economic assets, strengths and weaknesses of the entire region. The client retained the “Drones Center of Excellence niche”. Our team proceeded to identify, market and recruit investors, private companies, academic institutions and strategic partners interested to invest in the project and locate activities at the Airport. We prepared the complete business plan and financial model of the Drones Center of Excellence, Canada’s largest center and supported the launch of operations, business development activities and the negotiation with the launch clients.


Started in 2011, the CED Alma (Alma Drone Centre of Excellence – is today home to more than 20 members companies. CAE was a launch tenant for the project. The airport welcomes the headquarters of the CED that has built a brand-new 20 000 sq ft hangar which also host a research incubator and the offices of various unmanned systems companies.