Our Mission – Our Vision – Our Values

Our Mission

Explorer Solutions offers innovative solutions in economic development, planning, operational management and development to airports, air carriers and Aerospace suppliers in North America.

Our Vision

Explorer Solutions strives to become a renowned leader in the airport, aerospace, economic development and aviation industries.

Explorer Solutions’ team strives to provide the highest level of service to its clients. Our team of qualified, experienced experts and associates share the following corporate values:

Our Values

We develop innovative solutions that enable our clients to remain at the cutting edge in order to sharpen their competitive advantages, reach new heights and meet their objectives.


We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct. We act with integrity in all we do, always approaching our work with professionalism, protecting our clients’ confidentiality and maintaining absolute independence.


As an influential business leader, we strive to stay on top of industry trends and technology. We are recognized for our expertise and numerous achievements in the airport, aerospace and economic development sectors.


We value and foster a culture of excellence, professional learning and continuous improvement within our team and among our clients and suppliers.

‘Sound advice, Real solutions’


Our Principles

Our team recognizes and follows the principles outlined below. These principles guide our work and actions and drive our involvement in the company:


We understand that we are individually and collectively responsible for our actions, our words and our deliverables. We realize that they might have direct impacts on the image, reputation and future of the company.


We promote/cultivate an environment where honesty/good faith, transparency, pursuit of common interests and sane relationships with team members, clients and partners are integral parts of our daily activity.


We encourage collaboration through the creation of a synergistic environment that brings out the best in everyone and defines mutual help, knowledge sharing and long term relationships as key factors of success.